Name Lvl RR GR
VICK 374 6 7
Limo 400 17 6
MoshulDL 370 17 6
4 VeNoM 351 11 6
5 Limonade 400 7 5

Name Score Master
Avangers 2 Maximilian
camorra 0 dodi
CasaM 0 Aspirina
4 Danger 0 BugsBunny
5 Hate 0 babyrage2

Event Time
Pouch of Blessing
Start In: 17h 48m 13s

God of Darkness Boss
Start In: 05h 48m 13s

God of Water Boss
Start In: 04h 48m 13s

Dambo King
Start In: 10h 13m 13s

Nixx Boss
Start In: 04h 18m 13s

Lord Silvester Boss
Start In: 03h 18m 13s

Core Magriffy Boss
Start In: 17h 23m 13s

Cent Boss
Start In: 04h 33m 13s

Master Black Boss
Start In: 01h 13m 13s

Medusa Boss
Start In: 03h 03m 13s

Kundum Boss
Start In: 02h 03m 13s

Golden Kundum
Start In: 03m 13s

Golden Hell Main
Start In: 21h 03m 13s

Golden Erohim
Start In: 18h 03m 13s

Fire Flame Ghost
Start In: 23h 48m 13s

Lunar Rabbit
Start In: 20h 48m 13s

White Wizard
Start In: 03h 18m 13s

Santa Village
Start In: 18h 08m 13s

Happy Hour
Start In: 11h 03m 13s

Event Drop
Start In: 13h 43m 13s

Game Master
Start In: 01h 08m 13s

Moss The Gambler
Start In: 01h 03m 13s

Goblin Point
Start In: 48m 13s

Red Dragon
Start In: 02h 33m 13s

Skeleton King
Start In: 03h 18m 13s

Castle Siege
Start In: 2d 01h 03m 13s

Start In: 03m 13s

Illusion Temple
Start In: 01h 08m 13s

Chaos Castle
Start In: 58m 13s

Devil Square
Start In: 33m 13s

Blood Castle
Start In: 01h 33m 13s

Golden Dragon
Start In: 02h 03m 13s


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2020-09-14 13:34


                           !~ Welcome To DexterMU~!

We Are Proud To Present To You Our Server. 

Season 6 ep3

Experience: Dynamic 80x / Master 90x / Majestic 10x / Event 50x / Quest 50x
Party Experience: Regular Party:5.0x, 7.0x, 10.0x, 15.0x, 20.0x / Set Party:10.0x, 15.0x, 20.0x, 25.0x

- Zen Drop Multiplier: 5.0x / Quest Zen Multiplier: 10.0x 
- Item With Luck Drop Rate: 50%
- Item With Skill Drop Rate: 50%
- Excellent Items With Luck Drop Rate: 35%
- Excellent Items With Skill Drop Rate: 35%
- Spots in every map (included on the mini-map as well);

/post         - Level Required: 50 / Zen Required: 100,000
/gpost         - Level Required: 200 / Zen Required: 1,000,000
/ware         - Multi-Warehouses `From 1 to 10`
/pkclear     - Zen Required: 1,000,000 (Cost multiplies for each kills, for example 2 kills = 2,000,000 Zen Required);
/str /ene /agi /vit /addcmd - Add level up points to your stats

Marriage Commands:
/prop /accept /teleport /divorce /war /endwar /soccer /requests

2020-07-09 15:28


Grand  Reset System


Reward : Credits 10000

Auto Party System

Type In game / Re Auto

OffLevelling System 5 Hours

Type In Game  /Attack

/OffAttack To Activate 

  1. Vote System 
  2. Every 24 Hours
  3. Reward 250 Credit Per Voting

2020-06-02 11:06