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    ---------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]----------

    Q: Why there are no Excellent Drops from normal monsters?
    A: Server has 0% Excellent Drop Rate on normal monsters except in Vulcanus Map. This is to encourage players to participate in Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Invasions, Blood Castle, Devil Square, and Gaion where you can have a chance to loot excellent items. Also, this is for us to have an active and healthy market system.

    Monsters in Land of Trials also drops Excellent items.
    You can also use Jewel of Excellent in any normal item drops from normal monsters.


    Q: Where I can get Jewel of Excellent?
    A: You can donate for WCoins and use it to buy Jewel of Excellent in xShop or farm Disaster Fragments to create Disaster Crystal and exchange it to Jewel of Excellent in one of our NPC Quest in Lorencia town.

    Check NPC Quest for Jewel of Excellent in Lorencia to see the full requirements.

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    Q: Where I can get Ancient Items?
    A: You can farm Ancient items in Vulcanus, Blood Castle, Devil Square, and Chaos Castle but the map with the highest drop rate for Ancient items is in Land of Trials. Only the Castle Owner can enter in Land of Trials.

    DexterMu Team — 14/03/2023 18:27
    Q: How to obtain HP (Hunt Points)?
    A: By taking quests through the NPC. Those NPCs are usually in almost maps (Safe Zone) and this will ask you to kill a specific amount of monsters. Kill Monster NPC Quest is a repeated Quest. (edited)
    19 March 2023

    DexterMu Team — 19/03/2023 21:39
    Q: Where I can get GP Ruud?
    A: We have a lot of sources for GP Ruud. You can check Guide Category here in Discord for more details. GP Ruud is the main in-game currency for most items and it is commonly used to buy crafting materials to create and evolve your mastery items.

    You can also get GP Ruud by donating. Click this link for more details

    Posted 19-05-2023
    Currently this is only one server.