Name Lvl RR GR
VICK 397 3 7
Limo 400 17 6
MoshulDL 357 14 6
4 VeNoM 359 8 6
5 Limonade 400 7 5

Name Score Master
Avangers 2 Maximilian
camorra 0 dodi
CasaM 0 Aspirina
4 Danger 0 BugsBunny
5 Hate 0 babyrage2

Event Time
Pouch of Blessing
Start In: 04h 08m 50s

God of Darkness Boss
Start In: 16h 08m 50s

God of Water Boss
Start In: 15h 08m 50s

Dambo King
Start In: 01h 33m 50s

Nixx Boss
Start In: 14h 38m 50s

Lord Silvester Boss
Start In: 13h 38m 50s

Core Magriffy Boss
Start In: 03h 43m 50s

Cent Boss
Start In: 14h 53m 50s

Master Black Boss
Start In: 11h 33m 50s

Medusa Boss
Start In: 13h 23m 50s

Kundum Boss
Start In: 12h 23m 50s

Golden Kundum
Start In: 10h 23m 50s

Golden Hell Main
Start In: 07h 23m 50s

Golden Erohim
Start In: 04h 23m 50s

Fire Flame Ghost
Start In: 10h 08m 50s

Lunar Rabbit
Start In: 07h 08m 50s

White Wizard
Start In: 01h 38m 50s

Santa Village
Start In: 04h 28m 50s

Happy Hour
Start In: 03h 23m 50s

Event Drop
Start In: 03m 50s

Game Master
Start In: 03h 28m 50s

Moss The Gambler
Start In: 05h 23m 50s

Goblin Point
Start In: 05h 08m 50s

Red Dragon
Start In: 53m 50s

Skeleton King
Start In: 01h 38m 50s

Castle Siege
Start In: 3d 11h 23m 50s

Start In: 10h 23m 50s

Illusion Temple
Start In: 11h 28m 50s

Chaos Castle
Start In: 01h 18m 50s

Devil Square
Start In: 53m 50s

Blood Castle
Start In: 01h 53m 50s

Golden Dragon
Start In: 23m 50s

# Name Class Level Resets Grand Resets Status
1 Fanta Dimension Master 400 28 1 Online
2 quePasa Dimension Master 400 11 1 Offline
3 Zona Bloody Summoner 361 28 0 Online
4 ArchGrl Dimension Master 400 14 0 Offline
5 EvilGirl Bloody Summoner 400 12 0 Offline
6 Percica Dimension Master 400 11 0 Offline
7 Laylah Dimension Master 190 10 0 Online

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